• German Kiss From Munich...

    The art of the meetings... The mixture of cultures, languages...
    It was a very astonishing experiment, and I return with million memories at the head. It is very surprising as a few days can mark you and leave unforgettable memories. In a few years, we'll not have much any more memories of this trip but we will remember these perfect moments, these laughters, these tears of happiness, these smiles, this kiss, these German...this German...Do you knom the french kiss ?

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    Mercredi 15 Février 2006 à 21:13
    I still pass wonderful moments with you. this week was beautiful, this moments will stay in my memorie. I'll never forget this few days. i hope it will be like that in Munich! :-) French kiss
    Mercredi 15 Février 2006 à 21:32
    The time is running out but the memories remain and survive...The Austerlitz's square will remember of this Wednesday February 8, the perfect moment of a kiss to fly...
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